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Enjoy Refreshing Frozen Yoghurts and Bubble Tea in Birmingham, West Midlands

Experience a fruity sensation when you visit our adorable bubble tea and frozen yoghurt bar in Birmingham, West Midlands. At Mee Cha, we’re a fun-loving dessert and drinks bar with a passion for serving up frozen yoghurts and bubble tea that simply taste incredible.

A Bamboozling Variety

Part snack, part drink, our range of gluten-free bubble teas are truly out of this world. Find your favourite amongst our varied selection of milky and fruity options. The secret to making these deliciously different drinks lies in the bubbles contained in every serving. Available in small or large sizes, these shake-like refreshments are sure to send your taste buds into orbit. Alternatively, try our tasty bubble coffee or one of our 12 fruity slushies – available in flavours including mango, passion fruit, strawberry, and green apple.

A Top-Tier Treat

Customers travel far and wide to indulge in our exceptional frozen yoghurts. Suitable for vegetarians, these delightful gluten-free desserts are amazingly fat free. A selection of fresh fruit toppings are also available, because the only thing better than fruit is more fruit. Or, live a little by topping your yoghurt with some mouth-watering chocolate.

Which Flavour Will You Savour?

An extraordinary range of yoghurt flavours are available to pick from. This includes natural yoghurt, mango and passion fruit, and mixed berry.

Bubble Tea

Inimitable Ice-Creams

Indulge in an all-time classic when you pick from our selection of ice-creams. Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate chip, and brownie chunk flavours are available to choose from.

Escape the Pandemonium

Come find us on the ground floor of the Bullring Shopping Centre. Located right next to Smiggle™, we’re impossible to miss. Take a seat and unwind with a dessert in our relaxed and friendly parlour. Bottled water is also available for thirsty customers to slake their thirst in comfort.

Contact us today, in Birmingham, West Midlands to discover the appetising frozen yoghurts and bubble tea we have to offer.